Club Christmas Party at Tri-Cities

East Tennessee A&M Club’s Annual Christmas Party & Gift Exchange

Club Christmas Party at Tri-Cities 2023 (Kingsport)
Due to costs we are not planning a Club Christmas party in the Tri-Cities area.  Please join us at the Knoxville Christmas party if you are interested.  If someone had interest in coordinating a Tri-Cities Christmas party, the Club President would be supportive of helping to coordinate and plan such an event with the costs to be put into the participant event cost to break even.  Currently, there is no plan to have a Tri-Cities party.

Club Christmas Party at Tri-Cities 2022

The Club had a Christmas Party in Kingsport on Saturday, December 11, 2022 at the Meadowview Conference Center.  A great time was had by all with a short program, hotel catered BBQ buffet dinner, and a gift exchange.  We got great feedback that the Meadowview meeting room was really nice and the food was great.  Here is a pic of the attendess at the Tri-Cities Christmas Party.